Product With A Tale To Tell

Many of our collections have a story behind them. The images, colors and overall feel of our product provides a tale worth telling. Our designs represent experiences or locations that have inspired us. Want to learn about what inspired your SeaMonkey product? Scroll below to find out more.



Inspired by St. John, the jewel of the United States Virgin
Islands, which is a lush and vibrant paradise where nature and tropical beauty converge in perfect harmony. This idyllic island provides the perfect habitat for vibrant parrots that grace the skies and treetops.  The island boasts pristine beaches and lush forests that cover the hills of the island providing the perfect blend of nature. The fun town of Cruz Bay offers color buildings lining the streets, local cuisine from fantastic beach bars, and friendly people who make visitors feel like family. Once you visit, you will not want to leave Parrot-Dise!



Inspired by Venice Beach, Florida, a coastal haven where the golden sands meet the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. One of the distinctive features that sets Venice Beach apart is its reputation as the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World." The sandy bottom offshore, coupled with the convergence of currents, makes this area a prime location for finding fossilized shark teeth. Whether you're drawn to the leisurely pace of
sunbathing, the thrill of shark tooth hunting, or the stunning vistas at sunset, Venice Beach, Florida, offers a unique coastal experience that seamlessly blends relaxation with the excitement of discovery!



Miles off the coast of Jupiter, Florida you will find vibrant
marine life beneath the ocean’s surface which creates the perfect playground for various shark species. Special tours are operated by professionals at Shark Addicts who provide you with the experience of a lifetime in sharing the depths
of the ocean with the great Dwellers of the Deep Sea.  These gentle giants, known for their docile nature, gracefully glide through the ocean, their distinctive shapes becoming visible in the sunlight filtering through the depths with incredible visibility. The encounter is a dance of mutual respect between humans and sharks. Take advantage of this life changing experience and join a tour with the professionals at Shark Addicts of Jupiter, FL. You will not be disappointed! Learn more:

CORTEZ, FLORIDA, USA: 27.46584° N, 82.68154° W


The historic Cortez Fishing Village is one of the last remaining active commercial fishing villages on Florida’s southwest Gulf coast. This iconic community boasts historic homes, shipyards, a commercial fishing market, and excellent waterfront restaurants including one of our favorites located at Mile Marker 49, Swordfish Bar and Grill.  

Playa Chen Rio, Cozumel, MX: 20°22'58.2" N, 86°52'29.7 W

Margarita Mermaid Collection

Despite Cozumel being a popular destination for cruisers, the 34 mile long by 11 mile wide island is surprisingly still largely undeveloped. Once you leave the bustling west side of the island heading East, your journey includes views of empty roads and tequila distilleries until you reach the coast.

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Alice Town, Bimini, BAHAMAS: 25.7266° N, 792961° W

Shark Diver Collection

Bimini, a small group of islands nestled in the western Bahamas, is renowned for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and vibrant marine life. Among the captivating creatures that grace these tropical waters, the bull shark holds a prominent place.

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Pinneys Beach, Nevis: 17.1526° N, 62.6286° W

SeaMonkey Shack Collection

Pinneys Beach is a breathtaking stretch of shoreline located on the charming Caribbean island of Nevis. Renowned for its natural beauty, pristine waters, and golden sands, Pinneys Beach offers visitors a serene and idyllic coastal escape.

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FLOYD'S PELICAN BAR, jAMAICA: 17.9510° N, 77.8429° W

The Driftwood Collection

For those looking to venture off the beaten path (and land) Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica is sure to please.  Accessible only by small boat, this small bar stands alone in the middle of the ocean just off the coast of Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Creatively constructed of driftwood, wood planks, and a palm frond roof, Floyd’s Pelican Bar provides for stunning views from it’s prime location in the middle of the ocean. 

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Thunderball Grotto, Exuma, BAHMAS: 24.17875° N, 76.44704° W

The Bait ball collection

Nested just off the coast of Staniel Cay in the Bahamas is the breathtaking Thunderball Grotto. While Thunderball Grotto may only look like a small uninhabited rock formation on the outside, the grotto consists of impressive underwater tunnels and a stunning hollow interior providing rays of light dancing through the opening.  Thunderball Grotto attracts water enthusiasts from around the globe where just beneath the surface are schools of tropical fish swimming about in this impressive underwater paradise.

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Whitney Beach, LONGBOAT KEY, FLORIDA, USA: 27.4298° N, 82.6804° W

The Classic SeaMonkey Logo Collection

Countless hours of discussion on this beach is where SeaMonkey became a reality. This is where it all began: the look, feel and inspiration of the brand is rooted here. Armed with 2 beach chairs, a cooler and a speaker playing reggae tunes, we sought out to build something different. There are numerous places throughout the world that will play a part in the path of SeaMonkey but there will only be one place where it was born - Whitney Beach, Longboat Key.

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Surfer Beach, Eleuthera, BAHAMAS: 25.3817° N, 76.5255° W

The Just Shellin' Collection

Tucked away down an unassuming side street identified only by a surfboard shaped wooden sign nailed to a light post is Surfers Beach located on the island of Eleuthera. As the name would suggest, this beach located on the Atlantic side of the island is a go to for surfers, both local and those that have traveled from abroad. However, do not let the name of this beach intimidate you if you are not an adrenaline junkie. All are welcome here.

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Alligator Reef, FLORIDA KEYS, USA: 24.8518° N, 80.6189° W

The Anchored in Paradise Collection

Alligator Reef Lighthouse is named after the USS Alligator, a U.S. Navy schooner that ran aground on the reef in 1822 and sank. The Lighthouse has been in place for over 150 years and now serves as home to some of the most beautiful species of coral and fish that you will find anywhere.

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Dominical, Costa Rica: 9.2524° N, 83.8592° W

The Hula Gang Collection

When you think of surfers, hippies and quaint beach bars, Costa Rica is probably not the first place that comes to mind. However, providing all of that in a single location is the quirky beach town, Dominical. Located on the Central Pacific coastline, Dominical offers 2.5 miles of rocky beach, lush rainforests and about 700 fun loving residents who call Dominical home.

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